Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Janet Was Special

This sweet tribute by newspaper editor and friend, Rena Russell, ran the week after Mom's passing in the Labette Avenue. The day the paper hit the streets was "Pie Day" and I attended in Mom's honor. As soon as I opened the door to the pastry shop, the owner and her assistants rushed over "If we'd known Janet didn't like plastic, we'd have given her a REAL fork" they exclaimed!
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Oswego lost a pillar of the community last week in the passing of Janet Carpenter. This amazing woman always had a smile and was a regular member of the Thursday pie club. Janet preferred to eat her pie with a "real" fork - not plastic. Well Peggy Strickland would open her purse, pull out a sack and hand Janet her "real" fork. We all teased her about being so "special." And yet she was. She loved to watch the KU basketball games and often commented on the latest movement in Topeka that would attempt to save their money problems. An avid reader, former librarian and member of the book club, Janet was very knowledgeable and gave her comments. In a comment her daughter Karyn stated is so fitting in closing…"she died the way she lived - with a grace and humor." What a legacy. - - Rena Russell

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